For a number of clients ABS SHIPPING covers their needs in ANY TYPE OF VESSELS AND EQUIPMENT including:

Ocean and river-going vessels;
Any kinds of tankers; Vessels LPG/LNG for transportation liquefied gas;
Barges and Pontoons; Floating Cranes;
Vessels for timber cargoes (sawntimber, saw-logs, wood-pulp) and bulk cargoes from any ocean and river ports of Russia and CIS to Continent, UK, Mediterranean ports;
Special vessels such as Heavy Lift geared vessels with cargo-carrying capacity tap unto 1 500 tons; Ro-Ros, Barges and Pontoons, Floating Cranes and all necessary equipment for covering the Project cargo transportation to/from world-wide, including Russia and CIS; Vessels with cargo-carrying capacity tap 1 000 – 60 000 tons for transportation general and bulk freight cargoes from any ocean and river ports on whole world.